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Elementary Anti-Bullying Program and Reports

Anti-Bullying Policy


Madison Elementary School Anti-Bullying Policy: Madison Elementary is committed to creating a safe, caring, respectful learning environment for all students.  The bullying of students at Madison Elementary does not follow our Mighty Mohawk pledge. Bullying is strictly prohibited, and will not be tolerated.  Members of the Madison Elementary Community have the right to be members of a bully-free school.  For the purposes of our anti-bullying policy, “school” includes school buildings, school grounds, coming to and going home from school, fieldtrips, and bus trips.  Reported incidents of bullying will be investigated promptly and thoroughly by school administration.

Madison Elementary’s Definition of Bullying: Bullying is a pattern of aggressive, intentional or deliberately hostile behavior that occurs repeatedly and over time.  Bullying behaviors normally fall into three categories, physical, emotional, and verbal; and may include, but are not limited to, intimidation, assault; oral or written threats; teasing; putdowns; name-calling; threatening looks; gestures, or actions; rumors; false accusations; hazing, social isolation, and cyber-bullying.

Preventative Measures

1. Student Instruction/Awareness: Bullying behaviors are unacceptable.  Ongoing instruction is to be provided through the Character Education Program and other instruction programs that Madison Elementary teachers, guidance councilor and administrators will utilize throughout the year.  With the support of staff and parents, students at Madison Elementary will do the following things to help prevent bullying:

  • Refuse to let others be bullied and speak up if they see bullying
  • Reach out to students that are being bullied and be a friend
  • Include all students that want to be involved in games, especially those that are often left out

2. Staff Awareness/Action: School personnel shall receive in-service training on our anti-bullying policy to ensure a consistent approach is adopted on a school-wide basis.  Staff at Madison Elementary will do the following to prevent bullying and help children feel safe at school:

  • Closely supervise children in all areas of the school and playground
  • Watch for signs of bullying and stop it when it happens

3.  Student/Parent Action: Madison Elementary encourages students and parents who become aware of an act of bullying to immediately report the incident(s) to a school administrator for further investigation.  Any student who retaliates against another for reporting bullying will also be subject to consequences.

Complaint/Investigative Procedure: All students shall be informed of their right to protection against bullying behaviors and the right to file a complaint if they believe they have been the victim of bullying behavior.  School administrators are responsible for investigating complaints, determining if the complaint is legitimate in accordance with the above definition, and taking appropriate corrective action.  Any student (be they the victim or the bystander) may initiate a complaint by completing a confidential reporting form and returning it to a building administrator.  These forms will be available in each class and also in the office.

Intervention/Consequences: Reports of bullying are taken seriously and shall be dealt with quickly and effectively.  If a student is found guilty of bullying behavior the consequences shall depend on both the results of the investigation and the severity of the incident.  Consequences may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Mediation
  • Loss of privilege
  • Parent conference
  • Counseling
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion
  • Referral to local law enforcement agency.

Anti-Bullying Pledge


I will not accept bullying at our school.

I can help change things.

I can be a leader!

I won’t watch someone get picked on because

I am a do-something person not a do-nothing person.

My goal is to help create a safe, caring, and respectful school.

I agree that it is everyone’s responsibility to stop bullying.?It is up to each of us to make sure that bullying does not happen.


I will:

• Treat others with fairness and respect

• Find ways to help others join games and other activities.

• Speak out against bullying.

• Refuse to let others be bullied.

• Report bullying to an adult.

• Refuse to bully others.

• Be a responsible bystander who is part of the solution.

• Help others feel safe and comfortable at our school.