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Picture of Dr. Tuttle-Huff


As an administrator of a district, I see the strain of this year on our staff, students, and families. The swing of emotions ranges from in tears to angry yelling to stagnant and cannot make a decision to keeping a positive attitude ‘no matter what’!  Each person has handled the stress this year differently.   We have made moves to return to classes this semester as normally as possible.   While we can only plan for what we know today, we will be nimble and adaptable as new conditions emerge. We have enhanced our sanitation procedures and will continue with effective practices to keep our environment safe.


We are committed to effectively communicating with you.  Our Madison Mohawk website and bi-weekly newsletters are the best way to get news from the school.  Our Facebook page is run by a media class of students who are interested in public relations.  The students will post as much positive items about our school as possible.  Our individual schools will send home communication by emails or other software like Class Do Jo.  We will only use the One-Call system for items that are not “normal” activities such as school closures, etc.


As always, please do not hesitate to call the school if you have questions.  We want you to have the correct answers, so call your child’s building principal or me!


Dr. Lisa Tuttle-Huff - Superintendent, Madison Local School District