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Frequently Asked Questions

Tarrah Perry, Director of Transportation

How do I know if school and bus service is canceled due to weather?
During inclement weather, you will receive a phone call through the PK12 Notification System from the school to the primary phone number listed on your child’s contact form.  You can also look for school closings and delays on the district website, Facebook page, and local media.

When can I expect the bus to pick up my child if we are on a delay?
One-Hour Delay
If it is a one-hour delay, the bus will pick your child up one hour later than the usual pickup time (i.e. 7:22am pickup time will be 8:22am).

Two-Hour Delay
If it is a two-hour delay, the bus will pick your child up two hours later than the usual pickup time (i.e. 8:17am pickup time will be 10:17am). Morning Preschool and Headstart will be CLOSED during a two-hour delay.

The information online says a specific time and the bus is coming 5 to 10 minutes later. Why?
The time listed is approximate. Traffic, road construction and other factors can affect the actual bus stop time, especially during wet and cold weather.

My child left something on the bus, how do we get it back?
The driver will deliver any lost and forgotten items on the bus to the main office at the school.  Please contact the main office to retrieve your item. MES – 420-4755 and MJSHS – 420-4760. At the request of a parent the driver can hold the item on the bus until the next scheduled route.

Who do I contact if my child has a problem with another student on the bus?
If you have a problem or concern related to the bus, you are encouraged to write a note that can be given to the driver or to contact the Transportation office at 420-4779. Please try not to interrupt the bus schedule by talking directly to the driver while he or she is on the route. If Transportation personnel are unavailable you can leave a message and/or call the MES – 420-4755 and MJSHS – 420-4760 as the principal may also assist with transportation related issues.

What do I do if I need to change my child’s morning pickup or afternoon drop-off?
If the change is due to a change in child-care arrangements the details need to be submitted to the main office at the school.

What is a designated place of safety (DPOS)?
At the bus stop, according to State Law, students will be given a specific area to stand. This may be a bush, tree, crack in the driveway, fence, etc.  This is known as the “designated place of safety.” For pickup, students must wait at the designated place of safety until the bus stops, door is opened, and they receive a hand signal from the driver. For drop-off, students must go to the designated place of safety and wait there until the bus departs, regardless of weather conditions.

What’s the proper procedure for students crossing the road to board the bus?
The students who cross the roadway for boarding or departing the bus must wait for the driver to signal them to cross. Even if parents are at the stop, the students must follow the drivers’ directions for crossing. When it is safe to cross, the driver will drop his or her hand straight down, which signals the student to cross. Students are to look both ways on their own before crossing the open lane of traffic. When dropping off, student(s) must then wait at their designated place of safety until the bus has pulled away, regardless of the weather conditions. Then, they are to proceed home.

My child brought home a memo telling me that my child’s drop off and/or pickup time changed, why?
Road closures due to construction may be a cause for re-routing a bus. This may cause the pickup or drop off time to change. Also, traffic patterns may be a factor. It may be necessary to change pick up times to avoid being late to the school. Safety will still be the number one priority when a change is necessary. If there is a change, your child will receive a note directly from his/her driver indicating the details of the change.

The buses run late in the beginning of the year. Why?
The first few weeks of school are a balancing act for establishing regular times and for equalizing the busloads. Routes, buses and drivers may change due to number of passengers or schedule. An accurate time schedule for the bus cannot be determined until route changes are set. Usually a time schedule can be confirmed after two to three weeks of operation. Please check the route times online for the most updated information.

Why is my child on the bus so long?
Our transportation practice is to try to limit bus riding to 60 minutes or less in the district. As in all things, depending on where you reside and school location, this may not be feasible. Your student may be the first on and the last one off.

Why does my student have to be at the bus stop (Designated Place of Safety) 5 minutes before the buses arrival time?
All students in the State of Ohio are required by law to be at their bus stop before the buses scheduled arrival time. The Madison school board has deemed that time to be 5 minutes. Being at the bus stop 5 minutes early plays an important role in the safety of your student. This eliminates students running from behind the bus, in front of the bus, from vehicles, etc. Drivers are required by law to count students twice, once at their Designated place of Safety (DPOS) before loading and once while they load the bus.