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Graduation Seals required for students in class of 2023 & beyond

Posted on: April 16, 2021


In the past year, Madison has been focused on “Future-Ready Graduates,” which prioritizes building skills businesses believe are necessary in their employees, both today and tomorrow, in our students. Madison aims to prepare our students for life after graduation, and the state of Ohio is in agreement: we don’t know what path our students will choose after graduation, but they should have acquired the skills for them to be successful while still in school. 


Starting with the graduating class of 2023, we will be offering Graduation Seals. The State of Ohio is requiring all students from the class of 2023 and beyond to obtain two of the twelve provided seals as a graduation requirement. See seals below: 


  1. Ohio’s Military Enlistment Seal

  2. Ohio’s Technology Seal

  3. Ohio’s Industry-Recognized Seal

  4. Ohio’s Citizenship Seal

  5. Ohio’s Means Jobs Readiness Seal

  6. Ohio’s Seal of Biliteracy

  7. College Ready Seal

  8. Science Seal

  9. Honors Seal

  10. Community Service Seal

  11. Student Engagement Seal

  12. Fine and Performing Arts Seal

Madison HS is working hard to prepare and support our students to complete as many seals as possible. We will release more information as it becomes available.