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ES Resource Room Students Go Out Fully Dressed With A Smile To See "Annie Jr."!

Posted on: March 19, 2020
ES Resources

Resource Room teachers complement daily in-class academic lessons with monthly community trips to locations around Madison/Middletown and sometimes further out of town, allowing students with special needs to practice life skills in real time.

This trip was extra-special and stood out from others as students were encouraged to dress up. It presented an opportunity to talk about what students and teachers were going to wear, creating an engaging conversation about theatre etiquette. Students observed and commented about how old the theatre appeared on the inside. Once the show started, everyone, including some of the more anxious students, were captivated by the cast and eager to sing and dance along throughout the performance. After the show was over, students engaged in a question and answer session with the cast, learning about the details of the production. 

Some of the students’ other community trips have included going to Wendy’s or McDonalds for lunch; the Dollar Tree to shop for Christmas gifts; Kroger to shop for ingredients for a recipe; the library to learn how to check out books; swimming at the YMCA; Safe Haven Farm; and bowling. All of these outings allow them to focus on functional math skills (exchange/counting money, time management), social skills (ordering from a menu, waiting in line for food, eating in a public place), theatre etiquette (dressing appropriately, sitting in a theatre, applauding when appropriate, being quiet at other times), and bus safety (sitting in seats, using inside voices).