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High School Remote Expectations

Posted on: October 28, 2020

Student and Parent Remote Learning Acknowledgement 


  • Please follow your teacher’s requirements for attendance or check-in (attend meetings, journal/check-in, etc.) 

    • Student attendance will be based on student login activity and assignment completion. Students are expected to be in attendance every day, just like they would if they were attending face-to-face. If a student is sick and unable to attend (login), they will need to communicate that to their teacher. Student attendance will be monitored and recorded.

  • Be knowledgeable on methods of communication with your teacher (email, Google Classroom).

  • Contact your teacher a minimum 12 hours before an assignment is due to ask for help.

  • Spend an appropriate amount of time on assignments per day (see chart below).  


High School Schedule



Daily Learning: Includes both direct teacher interaction and independent student work/learning

Enrichment: Student will be assigned one activity per week per subject

Grades 9-12

Each student will follow his or her class schedule.

The table to the right shows when classes meet virtually. 

During the open times, students should work on assignments and/or contact teachers for additional support.

Average of 4 hours per day (Monday-Friday)








9:00 to


1st period

4th period



4th period


10:00 to 10:45

2nd period

5th period

2nd period




11:00 to 11:45

3rd period


3rd period


12:45 to



6th period


6th period


1:45 to 2:30

7th period


7th period



Teacher office hours are as follows:

Mon./ Wed.:  12:15-1:30

Tues./Thurs.:  11:00-12:15; 1:45-2:30

Fri.:  9:00-12:15, 12:45-2:30

Each teacher will provide enrichment activities as needed on an individual basis.

Special Education Classrooms 

Core Curriculum - Literacy & Math (science &

social studies)/ IEP Goals

Weekly Learning: 

Monday-Friday: Parents will look for their child’s teacher/case manager to post their weekly learning. We are not setting an allotted time to work each day, we understand the need to individualize each child’s needs and time spent working at their own pace. Your child will be expected to meet with their Intervention Specialist to work towards IEP goals.

Will differ based on your student’s teacher/case manager.

Title Reading Students

Reading Intervention 

Average of 2-3 meetings per week;  students and teachers will be meeting in small groups or on an individual basis.  Title teachers will support reading instruction. Students will be asked to follow daily reading expectations based on grade level.

Will vary on an individual basis.  

  • Google Meet Expectations

    • Dress code-students and parents (no pajamas)

    • Quiet space for working (no pets/siblings)

    • Face must be visible during Google Meets

    • No side conversations not on topic of instruction

    • Have materials prepared for the session

    • Follow teacher’s expectations and requests for etiquette when asked (like muting and participation)



  • Create a consistent schedule for working on assignments.  Try to work at the same time every day to be your most efficient.

  • Understand that work and assignment completion expectations will apply in a remote learning environment.  

  • Follow teachers’ due dates for assignments.

  • Academic Honor Policy:  Understand and agree that all work submitted by the student is done by the student. If work submitted is not completely original, relevant sources must be cited.   Failure to submit one’s own work will result in a zero for the assignment.  


** For expectations in the areas of dress code, acceptable computer use, etc., please refer to the student handbook.  These policies will still be followed during remote learning. 



  • Help students access assignments and assist with work.

  • Look over assignments and due dates on a weekly basis (at minimum).

  • Assist your student in creating a Remote Learning schedule.

  • Assist your student (if needed) in contacting a teacher for assistance on an assignment.

  • Help to create positive Google meet experiences (appropriate clothing and language during meetings).

  • Provide updated contact information.  Communicate with teachers regularly using email, Classroom Dojo, Remind, Classtag, Google Classroom summaries, or other communication tools.

  • Assist your student in creating a consistent schedule for completing assignments. 

  • Check ProgressBook regularly to view grades and missing assignments.



  • Will provide classroom expectations and procedures to parents and students.

  • Will establish “office hours” of availability to assist students and parents with assignments.

  • Will provide timely feedback on assignments and questions students may have.

  • Will be regularly checking for communication from students and parents about remote learning assignments.  

  • Will use Google Classroom as the major platform for assignments.

  • Will communicate to parents and students when assignments are late or missing.