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Welcome to PreSchool


Preschool registration takes place in April and is open to children who turn 3 by August 1 and 4 years of age.  Please contact Cathy Treadway with any questions regarding registration information at 420-4766 or

To enroll a child, the parent/legal guardian must provide the following information:  

  1.  Completed Registration Packet :  Obtained from Cathy Treadway, Registration

  2.  Verification of Identity:  Valid Driver’s License/Picture ID

  3.  Proof of Residency:  ONE of the following depending upon your residency situation
    A. If you are the Homeowner – current utility bill which includes your name/address
    B. If you reside at Catalina Manufactured Home Community – school verification form which can be obtained from their main office.
    C. If you are building a home within the district-signed contract/statement from the builder, which gives the location of the home and completion date. Your child will be enrolled for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days.
    D. If you are renting a home/apartment –rental agreement which states your name, property address, name of landlord/address and date of rental agreement. You and the landlord must sign this agreement.
    E. If you are living with someone else in the district – proof of residency from the homeowner (from one of the situations listed above, AND documentation/mail for yourself showing your name listed at that particular address. You and the homeowner must both be present to sign a notarized statement which is available in the Central Registration Office at Madison Elementary School. 

  4.  Court Documents allocating parental rights, responsibilities or guardianship (if applicable).  If there is a pending custody situation a student may be enrolled if the parent/legal guardian has a letter/form from an attorney/court official stating that a custody change is in process. At that time the parent/legal guardian must complete a Temporary Admission form, giving the individual sixty (60) days to supply the necessary custody papers to the superintendent’s office.

  5.  Birth Certificate:  Official document from the Bureau of Vital Statistics

  6.  Immunization Record and Medical Statement:  These forms are due by August 1 or your spot will not be held.

  7.  Social Security Card