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Madison Media

Madison Media is a semester long course offered at Madison High School where students are in charge of bringing important and relevant information to their fellow students and community members! 

If you have any pictures, video, or news you'd like to see featured by the Madison Media class, please send the files to and we will get those out to the community!

Please contact Hannah Murphy at for any information.

Meet the Madison Media Team!


Davin Adams

Marcus Burgher

Lane Byrd

Ella Campbell

Ellie Cole

Abby Crim

Joe Crim

Charlie Duritsch

Stella Evans

Ethan Gadd

Addison Graham

Kaylee Lamont

Bethany Mullins

Tyler Murphy

Dontai Pendleton

Kyle Rubio

Jillian Schatzley 

Roman Stanley

Cody Stidham 

Melody Williams

Layla Youtsler