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7th & 8th grade schedule change

Posted on: December 3, 2020
Charity Smith, Principal

Charity Smith, Principal

The Middle School will begin a new schedule for the second semester for 7th and 8th grades only. We are excited to extend our class time for 7th and 8th graders from 45 minutes to almost 60 minutes! Our team of teachers met several times through the fall semester to collaborate with band, choir, guidance counselors, and our gifted coordinator to make sure that all areas of a student’s day were considered. 

Students will have 5 classes that will last almost an hour, a 30 minute connect, 30 minute lunch and a 45 minute elective. Mr. Melampy will continue to teach Science, Mr. Woolums will be teaching Social Studies, Mrs. Briley will be teaching Language Arts with a focus in reading, Mr. Cesaroni will also be teaching Language Arts with a focus in writing, and Mr. Frazier will continue to teach Math for our Middle Schoolers. We have eliminated one Connect in order to provide more of a structured environment and allow for more learning time during their day. 

This year has been an interesting time in education, but trying something new in our schedule is a much needed change. Teachers have been working hard at providing effective lessons, creating blended learning and now we are creating a new schedule. We are looking forward to the change! 


Thank you, 

Charity Smith, Principal