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Promoting Project Based Learning In The High School

Posted on: April 8, 2020

Teachers are offering online face-to-face Google Hangout/Meet and Zoom sessions multiple times per week where students can engage in large class group settings, small group settings, or individual settings. Although there are set hours teachers are expected to be available to students, staff at Madison HS have done an excellent job providing 24-7 support. Principal Andrew Huber reports several conversations he has had with staff members who have told him of email exchanges at 11:30 pm and even 1:30 am. 

One thing that has not changed and has possibly become even more prevalent is the importance of student-teacher communication. Teachers act as facilitators, adjusting large group lessons and individual lessons based on student feedback; this ties in directly to the high school’s year-long goal to push students to take more ownership of their education by voicing their opinions and making their own choices. As we all move ahead with a positive attitude, it is clear that students are taking great pride in many of our project based learning activities. 


  • Chef Yeager Random Prize Package Delivery

Krystal Yeager is the Madison HS Butler Tech culinary, baking, child development teacher. Her prize bags are given to students who do well in her class, and she makes sure the prizes relate specifically to her class. 


  • ROYGBIV is in the House

HS art studies teacher, Chelsea Higgins explored color theory and complimentary colors with her students and learned that color is an element of art. Students were challenged to find objects in their house that make up each color of the color wheel. The more objects they include the better the outcome. They had to place the objects in the correct order as shown on the color wheel. 


  • Gifted Teacher, Kenzi Andrew's Fort Challenge

Gifted Coordinator and Gifted Instructor for the district works with students K-12, focusing on harnessing students' creativity to solve problems. The goal is to enhance their ability to critically think, problem-solve, and collaborate together, empowering them to use their gifts to better society. Remote learning creates new challenges, but students rose to the challenge to build blanket forts at home, using their imaginations and creativity during this unprecedented time. Students are also brainstorming creative ways to thank people who are helping others during the pandemic.