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Science Resources

Resources Provided by Andrew Wheatley, Technology Integration Specialist

Spongelab contains a vast library of free content, spanning games, images, animations, and lesson plans vetted by scientists. Setup up your digital classroom of students to assess, track, evaluate usage and engagement with real time data tracking metrics.
SAS Curriculum Pathways            
SAS has some of the most polished and put together lessons and activities seen on a FREE site.  They have interactive math tools, simulations, and incredible inquiry based lessons infused with loads of literacy skills.  Material currently is only for grades 6-12; math, ELA, science, social studies, and Spanish.
Read closely, think critically, be worldly.  NewsELA provides news articles that can be adjusted to each students individual lexile level.  This website provides a much needed tool to meet the demands of the Common Core and individual student needs.
Use these amazing videos to get students thinking, connecting to their own lives, and developing their own questions about topics related or indirectly related to your content.  You can guarantee these videos will engage students and get them talking about academic content.
Live Science    A website dedicated to publishing science breakthroughs, news, research, and studies. Great videos and media to engage students in up to date scientific discovery.

National Institute of Health’s Science Education   A wonderful collection of science resources
UC Berkley's Understanding Science
A great digital resource for helping students understand how science really works.
A wonderful website that provides a valuable resource essential to the common core.  Interesting, engaging, complex, academic content vocabulary rich stories about the “story behind the science.”  A great way to bring literacy into a science classroom or science into an ELA classroom.
STEM Content           
Over 35,000 web pages of STEM content.  Great resource.


National Science Teachers Association  A must use site for science educators
A virtual K-12 library, transforms teaching and learning by connecting educational resources with the power of information technology.  This is one of the best places for students to start when researching.
Science Youtube Channels: