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Social Studies Resources

Resources Provided by Andrew Wheatley, Technology Integration Specialist
This is the go to site for primary documents, and engaging, common core aligned social studies lessons.  ELA teachers this will be a very helpful site as you will begin to use more information texts in your curriculum. 

Ohio Department of Education Teacher Resources  

ODE’s teacher resource page.  Who would know better about what resources to use than the people developing the curriculum?


Stanford University’s History Education Project
A good collection of primary documents and lessons to get students to “think like a historian”.
Read closely, think critically, be worldly.  NewsELA provides news articles that can be adjusted to each students individual lexile level.  This website provides a much needed tool to meet the demands of the Common Core and individual student needs.
Use these amazing videos to get students thinking, connecting to their own lives, and developing their own questions about topics related or indirectly related to your content.  You can guarantee these videos will engage students and get them talking about academic content.
Teaching History         
Another wonderful website full of great lessons and primary documents. 


Library of Congress 
A very good collection of resources and primary documents.


A virtual K-12 library, transforms teaching and learning by connecting educational resources with the power of information technology.  This is one of the best places for students to start when researching.


iCivics prepares young Americans to become knowledgeable, engaged 21st century citizens by creating free and innovative educational materials.  Fantastic interactive civics lessons, games and simulations. 


SAS Curriculum Pathways 
SAS has some of the most polished and put together lessons and activities that I have seen on a FREE site.  They have interactive math tools, simulations, and incredible inquiry based lessons infused with loads of literacy skills.  Material currently is only for grades 6-12; math, ELA, science, social studies, and Spanish

Dipity Time Lines
Visually impressive and interactive time lines.  They take time lines into a new multi-modal level.

Go Ed Online    

A list of 100 really good social studies sites.  Some are definitely worthy of making the Madison list.