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Staff Resources

Resources Provided by Andrew Wheatley, Technology Integration Specialist

The Butler County Educational Service Center
The BCESC is our local educational resource.  As most of you know they are our best PD resource.  If you need CEU’s or want to learn more, contact them.
ASCD Professional Development 
This is the professional development page of the ASCD.  It contains a list of all of their webinars that they have offered.  It is an incredible list of important and relevant topics for teachers.  If you are looking for a specific topic in education to learn about this is a great place to start looking for high quality learning.
The Teaching Channel
A great resource on all things teaching.  PD, videos, lessons, ideas, technology, etc.

Mentormob is the creator of the “Learningplaylist.”  This is a wonderful site to learn about nearly any topic relating to education or anything else.  You won’t receive any formal credit but one of the best places to go if you just want to LEARN!

I can’t say enough about this site.  With a mission that states, “Our mission is to make people smart” how can you go wrong?  This needs to be one of your go to sites for learning more about how to be a great teacher.  It will also keep you up to date on all education trends and innovation.  A necessity if you want to be on the forefront of educational practices.  Download their Ipad app for easy viewing. 


Another fantastic site about what works in education.  This should also be on your must follow list if you strive to be a leading educator.  Their resources for learning about great instructional practices will make your classroom not only better for kids, but better for you as a professional. 

Hunt Institute

The Hunt Institutes YouTube channel.  They have good, but kind of boring videos that are some of the best for explaining the common core.

Twitter - BCESC

There is no way around it… this is a shameless plug for my (Andrew Wheatley's) Twitter feed.  But I promise you that is an incredible wealth of knowledge.  By following me you will get the aggregated version of all of the above.  Basically I am saving you a ton of reading to stay up to date.


TED Talks       
TED “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world”  TED takes the world’s leaders in their respective fields and provides their videos free so that everyone can learn.  Powerful, insightful, and riveting talks.  Check them out.


Close Reading Prezi by Erica Beaton
A nice resource explaining Close Reading strategies.


Tips for Teaching the Common Core Literacy and ELA Anchor Standards      

OTES Playlist 

This is a learning playlist to help you understand the new Ohio Teacher Evaluation. System

This is a learning playlist to help you understand Student Learning Objectives.

Vimeo Close Reading Video        
A very good example of what close reading looks like in the classroom.  Close reading will be an essential tool for student success in the common core

The Road to Successful Learning