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Directory Information Includes: Last Name, First Name, Position, Website, Email

Last NameAllen, First NameMarie
Position6th-8th Educational Aide
Last NameBarnes, First NameMelanie
Position8th Language Arts Teacher
Last NameBartlett, First NameJo
Position6th-8th Educational Aide
Last NameBos, First NameMichael
Position7th Science Teacher
Last NameBowling, First NameTina
Position6th Social Studies Teacher
Last NameBrannon, First NameAmy
Position6th-8th Intervention Specialist Teacher
Last NameBriley, First NameKaitlyn
Position8th Language Arts Teacher
Last NameBritt, First NameKrista
Position6th Math Teacher
Last NameCarter, First NameJeremy
Position6th Language Arts Teacher
Last NameEdgren, First NameErin
Position7th-8th Intervention Specialist
Last NameFrazier, First NameMichael
Position8th Math Teacher
Last NameHall, First NameKent
PositionSchool Resource Officer
Last NameKadlubowski, First NameTrina
Position8th Intervention Specialist Teacher
Last NameKelly, First NameTiffany
Position8th Educational Aide
Last NameLindon, First NameAlexis
Position6th Language Arts Teacher
Last NameLykins, First NameAmanda
Position7th Educational Aide
Last NameMalott, First NameTodd
Position7th Math Teacher
Last NameMelampy, First NameRussell
Position8th Science Teacher
Last NameMiller, First NameJanet
Position6th Intervention Specialist Teacher
Last NameSawyer, First NameChristine
Position6th Science Teacher
Last NameSmith, First NameCharity
Last NameSouders, First NameKatie
Position7th Intervention Specialist Teacher
Last NameWagner, First NameCara
Position7th Language Arts Teacher
Last NameWaits, First NameSharon
PositionAdministrative Assistant
Last NameWhisman, First NameDavid
Position7th Social Studies Teacher
Last NameWhisman, First NameMindy
Position7th Language Arts Teacher
Last NameWoolums, First NameAaron
Position8th Social Studies Teacher
Last NameYoung, First NameAmanda
PositionStudent Services Admin Assistant