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As we reflect on the opening of this school year during a pandemic, there was a lot of courage and strength among our teachers and staff.  There was a lot of trepidation when we decided to go full force this fall.  So far it has been a great decision for our students and staff.  Our students were able to be assessed to find out what gaps the COVD closure had caused.  Our teachers are able to address those gaps and grow our students academically again.

This closure and reopening have given us a real opportunity to look at systems that we didn’t have that probably should’ve always in place.  We have spent more time making sure we have the right data systems and making sure we look at data and not just feelings.  

Educators are feeling people. They care about kids, deeply, and everything about their job involves kids! But we also need to make sure that we have the highest rigor and the highest expectations for all kids. We get there by using data to really help inform decisions and to develop a system that is rigorous for all kids every day.

Our number one goal right now is to help support our students and our families who have lost many months of education.  We have a goal to expand the opportunities for learning as this crisis continues, but this time we are hoping it will all be in the classroom.  Since we have our kids back in school, we will continue with our formative and interim assessments to ensure that we are meeting students at their rate and level. 

I think the biggest lesson learned from having to restart after this pandemic is that we need to make sure we’re keeping students safe and healthy to continue our in-person learning.  Parents are a big part of this.  We ask parents not to send students to school sick, have them wear their masks, and wash their hands.

Have a great fall break!  Enjoy the weather!

Dr. Lisa Tuttle-Huff - Superintendent, Madison Local School District